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Billie, Laci, Sam, Leighnie, Billie Isabelle Robb (Owners)

Red Creek Outfitters has been owned and operated exclusively by the Robb family since 1964. A fully licensed, insured and bonded company in the state of Utah with over 75 years combined experience. We offer fully guided hunts throughout the Western U.S., specializing in trophy cougar, bear, elk and deer hunts. Red Creek Outfitters is also known world wide for our specialized hunting hounds which we continue to improve with each successive generation.

Billie Robb (Owner/Guide)

Billie Robb (Owner/Guide)

From the very beginning Val Robb used his love and knowledge of the outdoors to build a strong business. Red Creek Outfitters continues to honor those values of love of the sport and respect for the land and wildlife as they continue to live his dream.

Billie Robb (Owner/Guide)

Billie Robb (Owner/Guide)

Billie Robb (Owner/Guide)

Red Creek Outfitters is active in community and state wildlife and fair land use organizations including Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife, Wild Sheep Foundation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, National Wild Turkey Federation, and SCI. They have gained a wide reputation for their integrity both as sportsmen and businessmen. Red Creek Outfitters is suited in every way to work with you to finally get that trophy you've always wanted.

Laci Robb (Owner)

Billie Robb (Owner/Guide)
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